Day 103 – Skipping Etna

Mile 1588 to 1608

We wake, have granola with powdered milk and pack up. Most of the thru-hikers sharing our site are up and about. By the time we hit the trail at 6:30 most of them are well on their way. They are within striking distance of Highway 93 and a hitch to Etna, where burgers and shakes await them. The town vortex is sucking them in. Resupplying in Etna was in my original plan, but since we just got back on the trail fully loaded at Highway 3, we are skipping Etna and will resupply at Seaid Valley.

Awsome Vistas

Awsome Vistas

Kevin and I target another campsite in 20 miles. Water is a little scarce on this stretch, so we filter, camel up and load up at a small lake outlet. As we hike, Kevin continues to be impressed with the vistas. We are lucky to have overcast skies keeping the temperature reasonable. While hiking Kevin asks “Why am I spitting up blood?” Sure enough each spit has clear signs of red. We eventually determine he has a bloody nose which is draining down his throat. I am very relieved it is nothing serious and there is an easy in a pinch remedy.

In the afternoon we are cooled even further with a light shower. At our camp we are greeted by a large welcome committee of mosquitoes. We set up camp, eat pasta sides and quickly retreat behind the mesh screens of our tents.

Mosquitos attack

Mosquitoes attack