Day 110 – Ashland

Zero Day

We wake, pack up and escape the zoo. We head to the I-5 on ramp to hitch to Ashland. It takes Kevin a few cars to get into the spirit. We wave, hold up a sign and stick out thumbs for about half an hour before a very nice former resident of Salinas California gives us a lift.

She tells us it is so great what we are doing, then proceeds to say, “I would never do it. This is serious bear and cougar country. I am even afraid when they show up on my property. And of course the cougars have that brain worm that makes them crazy and do crazy things. You wouldn’t catch me out there. But you guys will probably be fine.”

She drops us off at a cafe where we have omelettes and toast, and do our level best to forget everything she just told us. We check into the Rodeway lnn, do laundry, shower and shop at Albertsons. Kevin works on the phone with Terri to get an IPod Nano loaded up with 9 gig of computer course lectures and shipped to our next resupply at Crater Lake.

After sorting food and purchasing a few missing items, we walk towards downtown looking for a place to eat. We end up at La Casa Del Pueblo where we polish off chicken and beef fajitas. Kevin’s arches are hurting from even this short hike. Given his foot, I am concerned about this next leg to Crater Lake. Only time will tell. Or if it doesn’t, Kevin probably will.

Kevin's Aching Arch

Kevin’s Aching Arch