Day 153 – Double Zero

Zero Miles

We wake for a repeat of the make your own waffles and cereal breakfast. With our chores completed yesterday, today really is a lazy day. We watch television, catch up on the internet and nap. We research all the things you can do in Wenatchee and it turns out we really don’t want to do either of them. We review on Rotten Tomatoes the 8 current movies and find they have perfect scores: 100% rotten, at least by our assessment.

Indian Buffet

Indian Buffet

We head to an Indian buffet where they do not have an “if you don’t eat it you pay more” business model. Theirs is much simpler: make good food and people will eat it. Which they did, and we did.

After tiring of the basic television channels we flip to HBO and watch the free to us movie Transcendence. As the movie ends we debate if we actually got good value. It did kill some time, just not as humanely as we had hoped.

We are still full from the lunch buffet so Kevin runs out to get us milkshakes, which fortunately go into a completely different stomach compartment. We complete final packing by over-stuffing our packs, then make one more attempt at over-stuffing ourselves with a club sandwich and chips from Jimmy John’s.

We fall asleep in a warm bed for the last time on this thru-hike, hoping at least one of us will wake up in time to catch the bus at 6:30am.