Day 157 – Last Full Day

Mile 2623 to 2646


I am visited in the night by Mighty Mouse. I know he is Mighty Mouse because I see him fly. He is perched on my head when I grab his tail and fling him out of the tent door with an amazing arc into the darkness. Fly Mighty, fly!

We wake at 5:00am and feel like a set of all weather tires. Today we will be road tested with snow, rain, drizzle, overcast and partly cloudy. The snow as we leave camp is beautiful. It is not like the pelting bean bag chair stuffing, but rather like being inside a well shaken snow globe. We feel just about as wet too. Everything we have is now soaked. We are praying for a brief break to dry things just enough that we can climb into them without squealing in agony.

We come upon a gaggle of grouse. The male grouse is splaying his tail feathers in a ritual dance. Freezing frigid females seem sadly less than interested. Perhaps in this extremely cold weather the goods he is selling are less impressive than usual.

It is clear that today is a day for making passes. We do our best by making it over Windy Pass, Foggy Pass, Jim Pass, Holman Pass, Rock Pass, Woody Pass and Hopkins Pass.

Drying Gear

Drying Gear

Before reaching camp we attempt to dry our gear on a ridge. The sun only makes very brief appearances, and we keep telling ourselves we just have to make it one more night. Even if we have to put on everything we own, we can surely do that.

We eventually stop and camp at the Boundary Trail split. We are now 4 miles from the Canadian border, and another 8 miles to Manning Park, where we hope to be picked up by Terri in a warm comfortable car.