Day 38 – Water World

Mile 588 To 609

Drying "Yard Sale"

Drying “Yard Sale”

I awake to a clear sky filled with awesome stars, which belie what has really gone on in the night. A flood of dew so torrential that it would convince Noah to start working on his ark, has drenched everything I own: my sleeping bag, tarp, clothes, electronics, food bag. Did I mention everything? If I wait for the sun to dry it I will miss walking in the cool morning, which is the reason to rise so early. After coffee, a smashed Little Debbie cinnamon roll and granola with powdered milk, I pack up everything soaking wet. At some point today I will have a break and a “yard sale” where I will spread it all out to dry.

Robin Spring

Robin Spring

For four miles we march through the burn area. We even start seeing our old friend the poodle dog bush, who seems to love it after a good fire. We break back into trees which are green and scenic, but even more important, cool and shady. When we reach Robin Spring it is a most pathetic trickle. I have to break open my pack and get out a small pot to catch the water and pour it in the filter bag. There are cow pies everywhere. Yum. We do not take too much, because there is another water source in 7 miles.

The water at Landers Campground is the best we have seen. It is crystal clear and has excellent flow. We decide to camp here. Our next stretch is a water challenge. On the PCT the next water is 43 miles away. We could load up here then cover the ground in two days, with one dry camp. About 11 miles in there is an alternative trail, which adds a mile, but more important, a lot of elevation loss and regain. I prefer the first option, but Todd is pushing the second. He drinks more water than I do, so I think we will be doing that one.

500 Mile Marker

600 Mile Marker