Day 49 – Chester


I wake and graze the breakfast buffet off and on from 6:00 am to 9:00 am. Klutz and Mountain Goat work with the local Post Office to figure out how to bounce their supply box, that is now in Susanville. It contains rain gear and maps they wanted, but will have to do without for now. The local sporting good is infested with heavy cotton clothing, suitable only for car camping. Oh well.

We figure out our food requirements, and supplement from the local grocery store. It will be strange heading south, but we are anxious to walk in any direction. It will, however, be fun to run into northbound hikers we have not seen in a quite a while.

BLT and Dish Cloth make it back from the rental return adventure. I watch the Warriors squeak past Houston in game two. They will have to win two more without me. Tomorrow we are back in the wilderness, with little to no cell service and Internet access.