Day 78 – Muir Pass

Mile 862 to 835


Kings Canyon

I wake to realize I still have no new subjects in my land. I also however have no mosquitoes, which allows me to squat on my throne for the morning constitution without being eaten alive. It is possible they are tired of left overs. Given the ravaging their relatives have given me, there is not a spot on my body which could be called fresh meat. Where they have gone I am not sure, but I can imagine.

OK, what did you get?
Me too, A+.
Same here, everywhere I drill, it is A+.
This is terrible.
Isn’t A+ good?
This is not your inflated elementary school English grade. A+ is terrible. We want O-, the universal donor.
So positive is bad and negative is good?
Of course, we are mosquitoes.

McClure Ranger Station

McClure Ranger Station

After a long hike down, I pass the Muir Rock, and enter the Evolution Valley. The Evolution Creek crossing is famous for its treacherousness. I realize I never have pictures of the wild ones, because I put all my electronics is plastic bags and dry sacks in case I fall.

I stop at the McClure backcountry Ranger Station. The ranger seems less than happy because a bunch of dignitaries are riding in on horses tomorrow, then the next day riding up to Muir Hut for some anniversary celebration. He tells me the snow on the pass is pretty much gone.


Muir Hut

Unless I push extra hard today I will not bag a single pass, which doesn’t seem right. I set my sights on the first campsite after Muir Pass, which makes for an over 27 mile day. I believe that is a marathon carrying a pack over a 11,978 foot pass. On the way I pass beautiful lakes on both sides of the pass and take a few quick pictures of Muir hut.

Down at the campsite I discover where all the mosquitoes have gone. The drilling begins again as I filter water. I dive into my tent to hide.

From Muir Pass

From Muir Pass