Day 97 – Shopping

Zero Miles

Kevin and I tackle our major shopping. Costco, Trader Joe’s and Walmart aisles are today’s hiking trails. The scenery is disappointing and we hike northbound, eastbound, southbound and westbound. In fact I think traveling in circles is our most common and frustrating route. We are resupplying for so many days it is impossible to comprehend how much of each thing we need. We just throw random items in the cart with confidence that Terri will fill in the missing parts when she tapes up and ships the boxes.

Kevin points out that we should not have eaten before shopping. Starving, we would be happily grabbing anything, but with stomachs full and satisfied it all just seems like the junk food that it is. I remind Kevin not to think of it as food, but rather calorie pills to be swallowed but not necessarily enjoyed. How is that for selling it?

Resupply Box

Resupply Box

We repackage and box up 6 days of food to carry on our way to Saied Valley. We box 3 days of food to ship to Saied Valley, that will get us to Ashland. In Ashland we will purchase 5 days of  food to get to Crater Lake. We box 4 days of food to ship to Crater Lake so we can get to Shelter Cove. We box 6 days of food to ship to Shelter Cove so we can make it to Ollalie Lake. We still need 6 days to get to Cascade Locks.

We will also need to ship food to White Pass to get to Snoqualime Pass to get to Skykomish to get to Stehkin to get to Manning Park. Although our life blood, it is all about as interesting as King James’s: Abraham begat Isaac; Isaac begat Jacob; Jacob begat Judas.

We fall asleep exhausted, surrounded by the trash, boxes and the collateral damage of trying to do too much. Terri will have to recover from the mess later. Early tomorrow morning we leave for southern California.