“O Circuit” Day 2 – Dickson

Yesterday’s late down translates into today’s late up. The sun beats us up by several hours. Although honey was confiscated, Honey Buns were not. I make a breakfast of a big fat Honey Bun, oatmeal, and Starbucks Via coffee.

We hike our way up and around the famously windy pass above Lago Paine. Brian is knocked to the ground at least once. We are all walking like drunken sailors against the amazing force. John tries to blow snot out his nose, which goes airborne in an unexpected direction. Turning to avoid his own projectile, the momentum of his pack spins him around and he falls completely off the trail.

The ranger at Coiron takes our passport information, then provides us news that the Chilean military has been called in to repair the bridge. They now expect it will be done in 5 days. Given we were told in Seron it would be fixed in 2 days, we are not sure their presence is helping.

Looking Down on Dickson

Looking Down on Dickson

We make it to the Dickson overlook, where Brian asks if there are possibly better views than this, or if this is this as good as it gets. We set up camp well ahead our our previous night’s record of 10 pm. To kill some time, we hike along the shore in search of better views of Dickson glacier. I have mashed potato with hickory tuna burritos for dinner.

The ranger tells us rain is likely tomorrow during our hike to Los Perros. We do not like this ranger.