SHR Day 13 – Zero Day

Mammoth Lakes Zero

I wake and shoot across the street to Schat’s Bakery. I capture and return with a bear claw and apple fritter. It is merely a stall tactic, until we can get to a breakfast cafe for four-egg omelets and hash browns.

Ben and Jerry's closed again!

Ben and Jerry’s closed again!

Terri has agreed to purchase a SPOT replacement at the REI in Dublin, then ship it general delivery to the post office in Tuolumne Meadow. Assuming that all works out, she should be able to track our last leg of the trip, and pluck us from the wilderness on re-entry.

We sort our food, make a few additional purchases, and relax with the television satiating our intellectual hunger like Saccharin cures a sweet tooth.

After having passed 20 passes, I am beginning to understand the High Route. Completing the High Route is a lot like touring the hilly city of San Fransisco. That is, if while touring San Francisco, you avoid the cafe-lined streets, and instead climb over all the medium size buildings. You scramble up fire escapes, walk on window ledges, and hang from rain gutters to pull yourself onto the roof. Oh sure, the crowds are thin and the views are spectacular, but the views from the ground were pretty cool too.

We arrange a cab pickup for tomorrow morning, later than we want, but as early as we can get. We go back out for a light taco dinner, and to collect those evasive Ben & Jerry’s shakes. The tacos are great, but B&J closes 4 minutes before we get there. You have got to be kidding!? We hit a local shop and grab a pint of caramel ice cream, and talk about the ones that got away.