SHR Day 5 – Bishop Pass Out

Dusy Basin to Parchers Resort to Long Lake

Yesterday, hiking along Dusy Basin on a mishmash of social tails, we expected to cross Bishop Pass Trail, but never did. Confused, this morning we push on thinking we have got to cross soon or we have gone too far. Well, we have, and we have to double back. Not a great way to start an otherwise beautiful morning.

Bishop Pass

Bishop Pass

We hump it over Bishop Pass (which is a resupply side trip, and not one of the 33 SHR passes). We then make the long journey down towards Parchers Resort and our waiting package. The trail feels longer and steeper than expected, but it is probably just my feeling of dread that we will be hiking back up this tomorrow.

We pass beautiful lakes, then make a miserably hot road walk to Parchers. They have our package. From the looks of it, they either wrestled it away from a bear, or backed over it with their truck. It has our next 8 days of food, so we take it with a smile.

We are too late for the breakfast buffet, but the guy says we can still have it if we want, because he hasn’t put it away yet. Kevin is not convinced that being left on the counter way past its time should be the leading selling point. As we check out the spread, the ratio of food to salmonella is not in our favor. Instead we examine the store/refrigerator. Clearly the fish here are better fed than the people, as there is a wider variety of bait worms than anything else. We choose a soda and ice cream bar, plug in our electronics for a sip of energy, and sort our food.

With no reason to stay at Parchers, we push back toward the pass. Every step is one we will not have to make tomorrow. We meet a woman carrying a handful of leashes and walking two loose dogs. She tells us she is looking for a third dog, who has wondered off. She keeps yelling at the other dogs to stay close. I am not sure what she thinks the dog-less leashes in her hand are for. She then mumbles, “Well I guess I would have heard her squeal if she had been…” her voice trails off. On that note, we also trail off, beginning to understand why the missing dog made a break for it.

We stop early at Long Lake, leaving the rest of Bishop Pass for tomorrow.