The First Step

The first step is to admit you have a problem.  Unfortunately, if the problem you have is the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), then you have another 5,401,846 steps to go. At least that is my calculation of the average number of steps it takes to walk from the US/Mexico border near Campo to the US/Canadian border near Manning.

(2660 miles) x (5280 ft/mile) / (2.6 feet per step) =  5,401,846.154 steps.

This does not include the steps required to go on and off the trail for supplies.  We are just talking pure PCT miles.

Of course, if you are feeling a tad above average, and you can extend your stride by just one(1) inch, you will save over 167,759 steps.

(2660 miles) x (5280 ft/mile) / (2.683 feet per step) =  5,234086.957 steps

5,401,846.154 steps – 5,234086.957 steps = 167,759.20 steps savings!

Isn’t math fun!


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